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Apple activated fast wireless charging iOS 11.2

Starting with iOS 11.2, iPhone 8, 8 and X Plus can be charged wireless charging capacity of 7.5 watts.

According to the company RAVpower, iPhone 8, 8 and X Plus iOS 11.2 will charge faster via wireless charging. This was possible thanks to the power increase from 5 watts to 7.5 watts. The new limit can be increased in the future, because wireless charging Qi version 1.2 can generate power up to 15 watts.

Staff MacRumors ran a test using your iPhone X and wireless charging Belkin. On iOS 11.1.1 smartphone for half an hour charged from 46 to 60 percent. On iOS 11.2 for the same time X iPhone charged from 46 to 66 percent. During charging the device was not activated the airplane mode to test conditions matched real life.

After the release of iOS 11.2, iPhone 8, 8 and X Plus will be faster to charge from wireless chargers than the complete power supply is 5 watts. In the beginning of 2018 must be received in the sale of the wireless charging Apple AirPower, able to simultaneously charge three devices.

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