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Apple acquires French startup Regain

Apple acquired the startup project Regaind. Probably soon after finding photos in your library will respond to computer vision.

Regaind – a company that created a new algorithm for object recognition in images and quality photos. Their development will help you choose the best photos from the series, hiding the duplicates and low quality images.

We help business companies and developers to analyze and sort large number of images using artificial intelligence. Our software not only looks for specific objects in images, but also selects appropriate for specific purposes photos. Regaind evaluates the quality of the photos and their aesthetic features.

It also allows to determine the age, gender and emotions of people using the camera. It is unknown exactly when, the startup was purchased by Apple. Possible developments Regaind has already been used to create Animoji the iPhone X.

Animoji – animated smileys for iMessage, created exclusively for the iPhone X with 3D camera.

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