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Apple acknowledged the problem with peeling anti-glare coating, Displej MacBook Pro

Apple has distributed technical support staff a special notice addressing the detachment of the anti-glare MacBook and MacBook Pro, reports MacRumors. The thread on the forum devoted to notebook defect, has over 1100 replies and over 300,000 views.

MacBook have a special anti-glare coating on the screen that reduces the level of reflection: the picture looks clear at home and on the street. The problem is that when the lid is closed the computer the surface layer at the time of contact with the keyboard exposed to friction and after a while moves away from the display panel. What is involved in this effect, figure out so far failed.

In a special dispatch Apple says that the company will exchange for free defective Retina displays in the next three years from the date of purchase of computers. The program will be valid until 16 October 2016. Users need to contact an authorized service center or to schedule an appointment with a specialist Genius Bar. Apple decided not to announce the program publicly.

For the first time the problem became known in March of this year. Then users have sent an open letter to Apple, demanding to replace your MacBook or perform a free repair.

Delamination occurs in places of contact of the screen with the keyboard in the closed position by friction. Although the Network has pictures of spots are present on the edges of the screen — i.e. in the region that does not touch the opposite side of the housing in the closed state.

“What we expect from Apple? Program free repair all MacBook with this problem. And let the company does not consider whether this case is warranty or AppleCare. Because we have already paid for a defective laptop huge money earned with great difficulty”, — complained the users.

All this time Apple did not react to the problem. “The company told us that it was minor damage, which the warranty does not cover”. The only way to restore the original view of MacBook Pro is to replace the display. This procedure costs $800/800 euros. However, even those who replaced the display, not have any guarantees that the situation will not be repeated.

The complaints come from owners of MacBook Pro with Retina display 13 and 15 inch, released in the period from 2012 to 2014 In July users have addressed a petition to replace laptops with loose screens.

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