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Apple accused of using other people’s patents when creating the Find My iPhone and Apple Maps

Company AGIS Software Development LLC, specializing in the development of software solutions for geolocation for military and emergency services, has filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing it of stealing its technology.

The plaintiff filed the suit in the district court of East Texas, claiming that Apple violated its patents related to location tracking of iPhone and iPad. AGIS argues that the technology described in its patents used in Apple branded applications, in particular in the Find My iPhone, Apple Maps, Find My Friends and iMessage. In addition to the iPhone maker, the plaintiff, have claims to the company LG, Huawei, ZTE and HTC.

AGIS cannot be attributed to “patent trolls” – companies that live at the expense of the incomes received as a result of judicial proceedings. This is a rather reputable software developer. Among its products is the app LifeRing with which the police and emergency services can track the location of a mobile user.

In addition, AGIS has a number of patents in this area. At the request of the plaintiff, four of them used the Apple to create their own tools for user discovery.

AGIS is accusing Apple in direct violation of its patents. The same company makes a complaint to the manufacturers of devices running Android, although Google itself in the list of defendants does not appear. In the case of “phones” we are talking about patent infringement in Google Maps, Google Latitude, Android Device Manager, Find My Device, Google Messages, Google Hangouts, Google Plus and others.

The plaintiff claims that Apple and Android manufacturers have a feature that allows you to create groups in which users can see each other’s locations on a map and to communicate with one another, including messaging. In addition, by using this feature, users can create a group of your devices to then be able to track its location in case of loss or theft.

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AGIS is seeking redress for violation of their patents, and does not exclude the possibility of an injunction the defendants.

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