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Apple: 79% of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has updated to iOS 9

In late February we reported that the proportion of iOS 9 is stuck at around 77%. During the month practically did not change the number of compatible devices that began using the ninth version of the mobile “OSes”.

On Monday, Apple published the latest statistics which shows the popularity of different iOS versions. Recently the share of new platform moved and currently stands at 79% among compatible devices.

As observers note, the iOS 9 is gaining popularity faster than iOS 8, the share of which increased to 79% after nine months after the release. Currently iOS 8 installed on 16% of compatible devices.

Note that iOS 9 debut on 19 September 2015 and already 21 the number of months of autumn, Apple reported more than 50% of active Apple devices, successfully operating on the latest version of “axis”. By 19 October, this indicator was equal to 61%. In Cupertino said that “nine” has set a record for speed before you switch users.

If we look at similar stats in Android, all was not so well as a competitor. Android 6.0 Marshmallow in early March, barely broke the 2% barrier in terms of popularity. In this sixth version of the operating system Google officially became available October 5, 2015.

In January, Apple began testing iOS update 9.3, which includes a number of innovations, including “night mode” Night Shift, protect notes with passwords, the Apple School, the ability to bind to an iPhone a few smart watches Apple Watch and several others. A major update, which is expected to debut on March 21, should increase the adoption rate of iOS 9.

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