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Apple: 60% of users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch updated to iOS 10

Six weeks after the release of iOS 10, this operating system was installed on 60% of compatible gadgets. This is evidenced by the official statistics of Apple.

Apple has updated the page for developers, which demonstrates the popularity of different versions of iOS among users of mobile devices.

iOS 10 was released on 13 September, and in cotable it became the most popular version of the mobile OS from Apple. At the moment its share is 60%, in second place is iOS 9 with a score of 32%. The share of all other versions of iOS are insignificant — they remain faithful to only 8% of users.

Despite the impressive adoption rate of iOS 10 are unable to break the record for the adoption rate of its predecessor. Last year, iOS 9 was set to 50% of compatible devices before the end of the second week after its official release.

Although in General the dynamics of the transition of users to the iOS 10 can not be called sluggish only in the first for she was already 14.5% iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Three days after the release of a new software platform, Apple has reached 21% among iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, a week later its share had increased to 34%.

What iOS 10 has not held up to record iOS 9, can be attributed to problems initially encountered with its installation. Recall that for the first time after the updates smartphone or tablet with the those in some cases turned into a “brick”.

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