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Apple 4-inch iPhone SE is in high demand among Android users

On Wednesday, Apple reported at the end of II quarter of 2016, announcing 40 million sold iPhone. New 4-inch iPhone SE managed to make a large contribution to the expansion of the user base.

Over the past three months Apple sold million iPhone 40,399, which is 21% less than the results of the previous quarter, and 15% less than the results of the same period last year. Revenue from iPhone sales amounted to $24 billion, Apple said the demand for 4-inch iPhone SE managed to fully satisfy only the end of the current quarter – the device was much more than expected. While new users are choosing iPhone SE more often than any other smartphone brand on a comparable stage of the life cycle. iPhone SE popular in developed countries and in regions with a growing economy, the company said.

According to analysts, available mini-flagship Apple lured a large audience of the Android ecosystem. According to the survey Slice Intelligence, only 35% of iPhone customers SE in the previous two years already owned any iPhone models. For comparison, the share of owners of previous models of the iPhone accounted for 49% sold for the first weekend the iPhone 6s.

The researchers found that 16% of iPhone buyers SE were the owners of Android-based smartphones. Last fall, at the start of sales of the line of iPhone 6s, the same indicator was at the level of 10%. In other words, the owners of Android-devices have 4-inch phone Apple was more popular than the flagship model.

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As for the statistics of the iPhone, the number of users of “Apple” communicators over the past year increased by double-digit percentage. Sales iPhone “defectors” from other platforms have achieved over the past nine months of the fiscal year the historical maximum. They formed the bulk of smartphone sales during the reporting period. In addition, a significant portion of iPhone buyers made up of those who purchase the Apple smartphone for the first time.

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