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Apperwall – evaluate apps and earn money

There are millions of different ways to make money online. One of them is the service Apperwall. We already wrote about this in a previous article, but since it’s changed a lot and these changes we would like to tell you about today.

In short, Apperwall is a service that pays you for downloading apps (including paid), their rating and writing short reviews. In this case you just need a smartphone and 5 minutes of free time! It is clear that a millionaire this service you will not do, but a nice increase to the budget in a few thousand in active use to provide can.

How to start earning?

It’s simple – register on the website Apperwall, go to the office and click a task from the list. On average, each job brings 25 rubles. In this way, the main and best difference Apperwall from the same services others offer awards only about 5 rubel for the job.

By the way, after the recent update, you are often given the text of the opinion, i.e., you don’t even need to write it yourself, but only copy and post it to the store! The same update has also brought new types of jobs – you can write multiple reviews on one app, and the more you write, the higher the reward.

How to earn more?

In Apperwall recently, a new referral system: it consists of 5 levels and you can earn money not only on those who invite you, but their friends too. C the first level you get 5% of their income, the second 4% third 3% less, and with fourth and fifth 2% and 1% respectively.

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Thus, if you invite even one friend active enough, the new referral system are capable of long time to provide you with additional passive income.

How can we bring money?

Withdraw money is possible in three ways: on the phone, Webmoney or Yandex.Money. However, it is worth mentioning that there is a minimum withdrawal amount for Webmoney is 20 rubles for the phone and the POISON – 5 rubles. Transactions are usually processed not more than a day.

In General – go to Apperwall, register 1 click and earn money! What are you waiting for?

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