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Appendix “Fines SDA” will show pictures of your violations

Who drives a car a long time (and tends to break the rules of the road), he certainly keeps in the bowels of your phone app “Fines traffic rules” is a program that allows you to quickly and painlessly pay fines for his sloppy driving. Recently the app has been updated significantly, and this is a good reason to talk about the program: the innovations will be typed in a few paragraphs.

Main, of course, feature an updated “Fines” – the app now sends images of the violation. It is convenient at least for two reasons: first, you will stop thinking that he’s never violated, and the penalties come, and secondly, the technique is sometimes really wrong, being fined by mistake. Photos will help to resolve these problems, moreover, there is a great advantage – with the help of the picture, you will be able to challenge unjust decisions in court. Let’s say you came fine, but the photo clearly shows that it’s not your machine – just like the room. Here is a snapshot and save your budget.

It is worth noting, however, that the app is not always able to send pics. Guilt of the authors in this no – pictures sent from cameras with video recording enabled. If it’s disabled, nothing will. And, of course, hardly you can count on a picture if you personally were fined by the traffic police.

Another important feature is push notifications. Some drivers complain that they just don’t know about the existence of a fine – indeed, would be monitoring the application every hour. Now this is no problem – the app will send, will only have to pay.

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As, in fact, payments themselves, it is all very secure – transactions go through a licensed Bank, closing the user information from prying eyes. When you pay the fine, you receive by mail a receipt of payment – you knew exactly what the payment was. The same receipt is sent and in the GIS GMP and the base traffic police. If in doubt as to whether all paid for, it is possible to check – after all the fines send not only the identity of the driver and the car.

In addition, “traffic Penalties” feature enormous informati: here you can learn, natural, about everything. From legal advice, how to behave in communicating with the inspector, to a full list of the flock of the code of administrative offences and the hotlines of the police. From the exact amount of the fine for crossing a solid, to the regional facilities of the room (an exciting experience on the road, by the way). In General, a giant database, which will be useful even to those who last had a traffic violation in the Soviet Union.

Well, if you tend Scorcher, without application and does not do. Especially now that the fines are discharged quickly, and ignoring them provides serious punishment – for example, may come into force a law according to which for non-payment of fines from ten thousand rubles to deny the license.

In itself, the app is free, but for full version you’ll get almost 120 rubles – perhaps it’s a decent price for a program of this level and this functional.

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Download “Fines traffic rules” for the iPhone [App Store]
Download “traffic Fines” for Android [App Store]

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