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Appeared the concept of the iMac with a separate Dock panel

Recently, the designer Louis Berger introduced the concept of the iMac, which under the Dock panel is a separate device. It is reported by Abduzeedo.

With the release of iPhone X, many began to think about how will look the other Apple products in the frameless design. In turn, Louie decided to go ahead and remove from the iMac screen, even Dock bar. With this solution on a Mac, do you receive more space and the desktop Dock also features a touch bar, a quick access to the functions and much more.

Louis Berger

“This concept is called Taptop Computer and Desktop Experience of the Apple OS. It changes the perception of the PC as a box with peripherals, and allows the use to control the computer mouse and keyboard, but touch-Dock-panel. Now with all the apps in the truest sense on the desktop and is always at hand.”

Louis Berger — the young designer from Munich, Germany. More of his work can be viewed on Behance.

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