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Appeared in the App Store app for lesbian and bisexuales

Platform for Scade has launched an app for women from the LGBT community Enjoy. Evangelist application in Russia became Mika Mayer. It is reported by Rusbase, with reference to the founder of the Scade Rustem Bogdanov.

As the Evangelist Micah will Enjoy “browsing” the female of the LGBT community in Russia, the newspaper notes. The service itself works in “guerrilla” mode, not advertising run.

“App Enjoy for girls who like girls. This service online Dating for representatives of nonconventional sexual orientation. Registration is anonymous,” say the authors of the application.

Enjoy has the same functionality as Scade – allows you to chat with people who are nearby the user. However, the audience Enjoy – exclusively women (the men in the Annex is not available).

“Enjoy showing the girls online are nearby and ready to meet. Swipe the user profile screen, if you don’t like. Offer to chat, if the girl liked it. She sees your photo and decides to accept the chat or decline.

The first time you communicate for three minutes. This chat is a safe haven. You do not distract, so the dialogue is lively and not dull phrases. If you don’t like it — no problem, you will meet in the Annex in the future. If you liked each other, you will get a list of friends and communicate without restrictions.

The last left the app, hits the Tape. Twist the Ribbon and press like on your favorite photos. Enjoy will send them a notification about new likes and you will answer.”

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Audience Enjoy at the moment is already 20,000 people, 60% are registered in Moscow, 7% in St. Petersburg. While the app is still zero marketing costs: the application, according to Malavoy, is spread through “word of mouth”.

The service is monetized through a subscription to advanced functionality. It is expected to Enjoy zoom for European markets (Holland, Germany and the UK to 2016). For this purpose, according to the founders, and was created by the application Enjoy to promote it in a different audience Scade cities and countries, but using a shared user base.

Download Enjoy to devices with iOS 7 and higher at this link.

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