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AppCent – download apps and get money

Not everyone earns enough money to be able not to save and not worry about tomorrow. Everyday expenses add up from many small things: the use of public transport, the kebab at the bus stop, mobile phone. Additional income, as a rule, requires not only free time but also considerable efforts. Application developers AppCent found a way out of this situation and are ready to share it with you.

What is AppCent

With this service, anyone doing a routine, can earn small amount of money to pay the Internet or travel by metro. All you need is to install apps from the App Store or Google Play and get money for it. As a rule, the majority of similar services use bots to cheat in downloads. AppCent working only with real users, of which more than half a million.

The reality is that even the most talented developers of applications for mobile devices need to promote your own product. Intrusive ads in form of banners with links to achieve this is unlikely. Until then, until the program was in the top, earning its creators it will bring. Luckily for them there are AppCent, which helps in the promotion of a new SOFTWARE offering download new by placing it in the public domain for a vast user base.

No cheating, everything is transparent. AppCent only shares with you the profits which was received during the “promotion” of applications.

Despite the fact that the client AppCent is distributed through the browser, to worry absolutely about. The censors do not miss the program in the App Store, considering this format is unfair. But in advertising, as in war, all means are good. Moreover, access to the file system and the root certificate iOS AppCent does not have, so your data remains yours.

How does it work?

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In order to download the application, you’ll need to open the web page where and posted download links. After installing the program, go to “Settings” -> “General” -> “Profile” and allow the access for developer Studio Ed Monte. Voila! It is possible to start.
How difficult is the process of earning?

Everything is very simple. Performing a series of actions, described in the previous paragraph, you can start to work. In the section “Applications” you will be presented with a list of tasks that need to run daily by setting up the proposed application. So, for each installation on your account will be charged 5 rubles. And convenient notification system will not allow you to stay without of virtual work, constantly sending new orders.

Of course, the amount is not too big, but the cars to unload from you is not required – only a couple of clicks on the touch screen. If the whole process seems routine, you are mistaken. Your humble servant a few days of use has established quite a few interesting applications that are useful in daily use.

How much can you earn?

It’s simple: the more plants, the higher the fee. For each installation you will be charged a certain amount of bonuses, which is later exchanged for real money. Earnings can be withdrawn to the purse WebMoney, Yandex.Or money immediately to pay mobile expenses, “throwing” money into the account. Can you imagine, thus AppCent paid more than 10 million rubles. The system has even its own course, much like “adults” banks: 10 points = 1 ruble.

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Moreover, AppCent is the only Russian application of this format, the bonuses which you can pay for iTunes cards, Xbox and PlayStation. But the benefits of the service does not end there: in a recent update was added the ability to withdraw money directly to your account in other online games and apps. This, remember, was not yet.

If you try, you can become a world tycoon in the App Store by developing their own referral network. For everyone involved in the system you will get 7% of his salary. And on brand new MacBook to accumulate for long.

Advantages AppCent on end. Suddenly, above the program employs a team of 20 people, but they managed to arrange around the clock technical support and an absolute system of instant payments. To contact the creators of the service using OpenID, Facebook and Twitter.

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