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App to view torrents without jailbreak Moviebox added support for iOS 9 / 9.1

The creators of the player to stream torrents MovieBox has released an update for devices with iOS 9. Feature version 3.3.7 is that it can be installed on the gadgets without jailbreak.

Torrents remains the most convenient way to watch movies and TV series. For PC ways to download and view such content a lot, same Popcorn Time. On smartphones and tablets Apple also has a similar solution. The creators of the service MovieBox has offered a unique solution that can benefit everyone. The application works on the principle of a Popcorn Time and allows you to view online torrents.

MovieBox is a free movie library with access to the content based on the BitTorrent technology. The creators of the service choose the most popular films in a single directory and let you watch them directly from the app or download to your device. The mobile client created as a web application that acts as both a catalog of films and player. To view the film enough to choose a name from the library, to specify the image quality and click “Watch Now”.

Many movies and TV series in Russian voice, and the quality can be chosen depending on the type of connection. When choosing the lowest quality playback starts almost immediately. Have the ability to include subtitles, but you will need to register on the website OpenSubtitles.

To install the MovieBox on your iOS device without jailbreaking you need to use a free web service vshare. It allows you to install applications bypassing the corporate App store. In the event of an error “Untrusted developer”, go to Settings –> General –> Profiles and add the option to “Trust”.

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