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App to hunt for violators of Parking rules will be taught to fix the Parking lot on the lawn and in the pedestrian zone

Last year, Moscow authorities have launched a smartphone service, which allows each resident to become a Parking inspector. Any person with a mobile app “Moscow Assistant can deal with illegal Parking.

In the near future, as it became known, the application will get new features. Smartphone users on iOS and Android will be able to fix the Parking on the lawn, pedestrian crossing, sidewalk and pedestrian zones. This is stated in the corresponding documentation of gku “Centre of road traffic organization”(TMS).

The updated app will record cars stopped on a pedestrian crossing and within 5 meters in front of him and parked on the sidewalk or in a pedestrian area. IPhone owners will be able to fix the Parking on the lawn. The update for the application will be ready till 10 Dec 2016.

Despite the constant development of Parking spaces, not all motorists adhere to Parking rules and Parking. In Moscow today, a few hundred parmname, which control tens of thousand paid Parking spaces and more than 4 000 kilometres of roads. Parkany do not always have time to promptly fix all violations. The companion of Moscow” gives the opportunity for any road user to be directly involved in the regulation of traffic in the city.

Today Moscow Assistant allows you to fix incorrect and illegal Parking. You can use it to take pictures of the car violate the rules and send the authorities, who, in turn, will analyze the information received and will decide on the existence of a breach. On the basis of appeals of citizens issued more than a thousand fines.

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The project was tied to the “Active citizen”, and more recently for road awareness bonuses – 200 points for each charged a cancellation fee and up to 2000 points for some of the achievements. They can be exchanged for different bonuses from the city, for example, on hours of free Parking.

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