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App Store brings in 4 times more than the average income per app than Google Play

The number of mobile devices on the Android platform globally higher than that of iOS, it is not surprising that, according to the calculations of the analytical company App Annie, the Google Play app store is twice as fast as competitor by the number of downloads. However, in monetary terms, the situation is diametrically opposite.

In the second quarter of 2016 the income of the App Store was twice more than Google Play. This is largely due to China, where the iPhone has traditionally enjoys high demand, and with the release last year of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus growth in the number of downloads do not stop, with the result that according to this indicator, China is ahead of USA and Japan combined.

According to analysts, the average app in the app Store generates 4 times more revenue than the average load in Google Play. Despite the fact that the Apple store is observed two times less the total number of downloads than Google Play, App Store generates 2 times more revenues.

It is noteworthy that in January of this year the gap download apps in the stores was the same, but App Store revenue was 75% higher compared to Google Play. At the end of the first quarter the difference in revenue was 90% and now 100%.

Most of the money (75%) App Store has gained from the sales of games, while the number of downloads leading social video apps, such as the iCast Show or MiaoPai, representing the analogues of the Vine. A significant source of income is also built-in in app purchase of subscriptions to streaming services such as Netflix and HBO Now.

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Curiously, in Google Play, the activity of the Chinese people is much less — the country was not included in the top five no income, no downloads. But Russia, by contrast, was in the top five of the list of leading countries by number of downloads.

Analysts believe that if Google want to increase profits, it is necessary to increase the number of users of expensive smartphones that are ready to purchase games and applications in Google Play.

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