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App Peers.TV for free viewing, TV received Chromecast support and the function of “picture in picture” on the iPad

With the help of mobile applications Peers.TV you can turn iPhone and iPad into a TV with dozens or hundreds of channels. Today in the App Store released a new version of the app that implements two useful functions.

For the updated program offers a great list of popular TV channels, announced native support for Google Chromecast set top box. App for watching TV for smartphones and tablets allows you to stream content to Cast-compatible devices.

The second innovation concerns only iPad. Now broadcasting in Peers.TV can work like the videos in the official YouTube app, allowing you to watch the video at the bottom of the screen simultaneously with the operation of the application. The function of “picture in picture” eliminates the need to close and restart the stream when searching for content.

If you like to watch TV series and shows, and TV at hand, you can use Peers.TV. Interface and operation the program reminds YouTube: user gets into the category of the most popular gear for the last time. Detective series and major sporting events always take the first lines in the top as per day, and for a whole week.

Before watching “live broadcast” shows the schedule of all transmissions that took place in the last time. If you want you can go to view the missed episodes of a TV series or newscast.

According to the developers, PeersTV is intended to replace the bulky television sets in the house on a simple program in the mobile device. Friendly interface, intuitive controls, and the sea favorite TV shows on the smartphone screen.

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Download a new version of PeersTV for iPhone and iPad at this link, the version for Android here.

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