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App Moscow metro for 21 million rubles will Wake up the passengers at one station before leaving the car

The Moscow metro will allocate more than 20 million rubles for development of mobile application that would help people to navigate the metro. The program is intended for the iOS and Android platforms.

According to the technical documentation on the procurement website, the cost of the application will be 21,515 million rubles. Not only will it help people to navigate the metro (it contains the route, are data on the state of the underground, and placed the information on emergencies), but also help users in the Moscow subway reload or purchase tickets “Troika”.

A lot of useful and interesting information can provide the app to the guests of the capital – this will contain the certificate of the cultural facilities of the capital. In addition, the program will be able to provide information about the timetable of Aeroexpress and other types of ground transportation. Another nice feature of the app will become an alarm clock that can Wake the user at one station before the exit of the train.

The Moscow metro is not the first one who spends large sums on the development of the application. Earlier this month it was reported that “Mail of Russia” will allocate 19 million rubles for the development of mobile applications for smartphones on iOS and Android. In accordance with the tender documentation, the program, which will be available to owners of mobile devices to determine the user’s coordinates and find nearby post offices on the map, at the home address or postcode, to get information about them, and track mail with push notifications.

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According to the concept of “mail of Russia”, the creation of a new application for mobile devices will increase customer satisfaction and improve company image. This should also contribute to the development of channel customer feedback to correct deficiencies in the work and improve the quality of services provided.

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