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App Live Face Swap will change faces in photos and video in real time

The exchange of persons, or Face Swapping is a popular online fun, available even to those who do not have the skills in Photoshop. Consists in “gluing” the faces of any person to another character or to a whole group or in “exchange of” faces of several people. Found mainly in the English-language Network, although in Runet is also common, mostly in photoshop or draws.

Appeared in the App Store app Face Swap Live, which is to replace faces of people in photos and videos in real time. Launch the app, point the camera at two characters and see what happens — the program automatically detects their faces and swaps.

Developed by Laan Labs, the startup program runs in real-time. The result can be photographed or recorded on video, to upload to Facebook, Twitter or just save in the memory of the mobile device.

Using Live Face Swap is possible, for example, to swap the faces of two people sitting side by side, or to combine a user’s face from any photo from the web: the app will automatically detect the key points and combine the images or videos.

App Face Swap Live dostupno for download in the App Store at the price of 59 rubles. The novelty is available on devices with the operating system not lower than 8.0.

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