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App iDraw for vector graphics was Graphic Autodesk and received the support of iPhone

People involved in graphics, I know that all image editors are divided into two types: raster and vector. If the first on Apple platforms it is more or less clearly, in the case of the second choice is not so obvious. Autodesk Graphic is one of the best vector graphics editors. On Friday the release of the new version of the program available on computers, tablets and smartphones Apple. Previously, she was published by Indeeo Studio called iDraw.

IDraw app on iPad and Mac, but Autodesk Graphic can also be run on the iPhone. Autodesk believes that the app is perfect for illustrations and technical diagrams. Of course, there is sync via iCloud, so the user can continue to work with their images, wherever he was.

There are sensitive brushes, support for strong pressing a Wacom and Force Touch, an additional color correction tools, dragging objects from SVG, AI and PSD files and export to PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, SVG, PSD, AI and PDF. Graphic for iPad got the opportunity to work in the modes of multitasking and split screen.

If you need a good vector editor for Apple devices, Autodesk Graphic — definitely your choice. For relatively little money you get a convenient and functional program that is compatible with all common formats. A nice addition is the mobile version for devices with iOS 8 or higher.

Autodesk Graphic for OS X will cost 1490 rubles for iPad — 549 rubles, and for iPhone — 169 rubles.

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