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App from the developer of the first iPhone will allow you to create ‘autopilot’ for any car

Hacker George Hotz, who created the first jailbreak for the iPhone, is developing the Autonomous piloting system for vehicles with a leading engineer of the company Tesla Motors Riccardo Biasini. In the framework of the project it has released a mobile app to improve the “intelligence” of the system.

Autonomous driving technologies are today one of the most promising directions of development of the automotive industry. Leading manufacturers annually spend hundreds of millions of dollars to develop and improve complex algorithms.

However, the founder of the George Hotz has demonstrated a different, much less expensive solution. The researcher is convinced that his app Chffr will be able to develop an algorithm suitable for use in unmanned vehicles.

To do this, the app will observe the actions of drivers, “studying” their vehicles. Assist in the investigation can be anyone: to participate in the beta program, simply install Chffr on your mobile device and attach the gadget to the windshield of the car.

The app will track your actions on the road, daily sending to a server video. It is on their basis it is planned to create a system of Autonomous driving.

In expect to establish sales of equipment for cars, through which they will be able to support the rows of the movement and to control the operation of the accelerator and braking system. Hotz promised that his components are the best available on the market”.

At the moment the app Chffr is only available for Android users, but in the near future, the developers plan to port it on iPhone.

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