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App for Apple Watch allows you to use Siri to control a Tesla Model S [video]

Owners of the Apple Watch appeared the possibility to remotely control some functions of electric cars Tesla Model S with the help of Siri. A demonstration of the application Model S has shared a developer under the name Rego Apps.

From the client, the owner can start the car engine, lock or unlock doors, open the roof, to find the abandoned car in the Parking lot. The program allows you to remotely control the climate control, to beep or “blinking” lights. In addition, the engine can be reduced, if the system is in remote administration mode.

To give commands through the touch interface, but with Siri. To do this, the Apple Watch must be paired with an iPhone running the companion app. Through smart watches owner of a Tesla can view the statistics of an electric vehicle, including battery level and distance traveled to receive notifications about the need to have maintenance, call technical support.

The creators of the program say that Apple severely limited the scope of applications for Apple Watch. In particular, you cannot use the gyroscope, accelerometer, built-in speakers, microphone, and a technology called the taptic Engine. In addition, the device has no GPS module, so the watch must always be connected to iPhone.

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