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App Dark Sky has learned to use the barometer in iPhone 6 for weather prediction

Developers weather app Dark Sky has released an update that allows the program to issue short-term weather forecasts with very high accuracy. It uses built-in in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus barometer. Reading the gauges near atmospheric pressure, the program will warn in advance of a user, for example, that in the next hour will it rain or snow.

The creators of the app Dark Sky has decided to extend the functionality of smartphones, and now they can not only consume data and notify the user about the impending weather, but can also serve as sources of weather information. The new version is able to use the sensors of smartphones Apple to build a more accurate weather forecast relevant to the current location.

In addition, users can specify in the application the current weather conditions. Thus, even if the weather forecasters and instead of the promised Sunny day the rain is coming, the user will still have my umbrella by obtaining data more relevant for the area.

Dark Sky can send notifications as a global natural calamities (storm warning, hurricanes, floods, etc.), and the abrupt changes in climatic conditions that may occur in the next 24 hours — rapid decrease in temperature, wind or precipitation. The program also monitors the changes in UV-index, I forgot to bring sunscreen before going to the beach.

Earlier Apple has banned third-party applications access to the sensors of mobile devices. The situation changed last fall with the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, in which the barometer is used to determine the height.

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App Dar Sky is currently available for download only in American, British, and Irish branches of the App Store. The cost of the program is $3.99.

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