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App Apple TV Remote got iPad support

Apple released a new version of the Apple TV Remote, designed to control the Apple TV. In version 1.1 the company added support for the iPad.

Now the owners of set-top boxes Apple can use the app on the iPad in native resolution to control playback, select chapters, titles, etc.

Apple TV Remote is a convenient addition to the Apple TV. Using the program, you can watch live streams, not releasing a smartphone or a tablet from his hands. Control Apple TV by swiping your finger or using a keyboard for fast text input. The program can be used simultaneously with the standard remote control.

In addition to iPad support, the update index 1.1 brought the ability to use Siri to control the viewing on the Apple TV but not iPad home screen: instead, you can use a voice command, hold the microphone button in the interface the Apple TV Remote to select, pause and replay multimedia data.

Also in the Apple TV Remote is now available texts and playlists for music and select chapters, audio tracks and subtitles for movies and TV shows.

Observers note that Apple took a lot of time to port the Apple TV Remote on branded tablet. Senior Vice President eddy cue was initially demonstrated application in 2015, promising to release it in early 2016. In reality, the program appeared on the iPhone in August.

Download Apple TV Remote available for free in the App Store at this link.

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