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Ape of Steel 2 – planet of the apes

Sometimes there are such games, when you look and see – well, life will not be more than the former. Sometimes, when I don’t know how to approach – is kind and pretty, but no. And sometimes, when even wonder how this all came to light? Projects the third category we discuss here the rarely – produce the trash – but sometimes it is impossible not to pass by. As in the case of Ape of Steel 2.

The plot of Ape of Steel 2, though in a schizophrenic way, but in General understandable. On the planet (inhabited by apes) descended higher demonic power in the form of huge bees, cobras in the form of balls and the fleas increased. The whole fraternity obviously has its own plans for primates inhabited the territory. Fortunately, the monkeys have their Superman (or now fashion Dedpula?), which all and save.

A trifling matter – you planted in the middle of endless fields, and all (metaphorically) of the woodwork those fleas and Cobra. Villains need to shoot, simultaneously leaping upon the mountains, houses and ledges. The job is usually seldom different from “kill them all”, but sometimes the authors give their imagination run wild – for example, to sail in the boat, clearing the surroundings of striped invaders from the sting.

As you know, Ape of Steel 2 is made in the genre of action-platforming. When it and shoot, and jump – in the spirit of brilliant Rachet & Clank. That’s just nothing like this: shooting is reduced to a fuss of your finger across the screen and jumping… I would rather not.

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Another serious problem Ape of Steel 2 – simply made crooked. Ward the monkey constantly falls through the texture, with a stupid slider is hard to aim. But the main thing is balance: he simply overwhelmed. Gust ring monsters don’t just “knocked” a couple of seconds – they do not allow to do anything. And thanks to the excellent system of checkpoints, the game after every defeat sends you back to the beginning of the level. Indeed, someone in the company you need to be checked about inflated self-assessment – so to be sure that we once (and still) need to go through this hell…

Itself the Ape of Steel 2 free (of course!) and inside do not ask for money, but this is where it would be necessary – because every few minutes the game gets out advertising banner which just never get rid of. Now scroll to the head the last part of the paragraph, and compare how many minutes you are in Ape of Steel 2 will play, and how many will look at advertising shareware urban simulation.

Actually, why do we even talk about it. Because about Ape of Steel 2 then you will not think about it. She looks decent in the screenshots, at its heart beats the idea amusing, in the end, this is a sequel – and the games taught us that a series of outright failure can not be. Can – and here is a live example. Keep in mind, when next time will monitor the App Store for something interesting.

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