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AnyTrans – how to download iOS videos from YouTube

We all equally love equipment from Apple. We all equally hate for a million draconian restrictions, it is unclear why the existing ones. And if some moments all accepted – Yes, we are talking about a memory card, something is still causing a frenzy. When finally ends the madness with a Java player (although there is already better, thank you)? Why it is still not a human download – well, music, but at least the video? When is all this going to stop? Official responses from there is still there – but there are third-party developers. In any case, in the field of videos. Meet AnyTrans is a program that will allow you to safely load the phone files downloaded from YouTube and other hosting providers.

For obvious reasons, AnyTrans can’t find in the App Store – is likely to interfere with the policy of Apple. So first you download the program to your computer: there is a version for both Mac and Windows. Then connect your device, AnyTrans determines phone or tablet, and then the fun begins.

You click on the tab “download video”, a window appears which can be called by the browser. Now, before you stretches the entire video online – you can download it as mentioned YouTube and Dailymotion, BBC, Vimeo and a million (OK – 900) other hosting providers. Specify the link to the video and click the highlighted button “Download”. All went well, you need to specify where exactly will the file – that is, to choose iPhone. Then AnyTrans will start downloading, simultaneously selecting an optimal resolution well, and will show you all the data: the size to format.

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Why is all this necessary? First, so you can watch TV shows previously found on one of the hosting their habitat. Secondly, this will allow you to watch video without Internet connection – given that the rollers are not all successfully loaded, a good thing. Well, just for collection – sometimes I want something to keep, but cannot. Now you can. And don’t forget that YouTube promptly removed – so if you don’t want to lose anything, it is better to keep.

The use of this function does not imply cash expenses – AnyTrans exists in free and paid modes. Free, again, opens up possibilities for video, but pay – AnyTrans transforms into a full-fledged analogue of iTunes, only better. You can transfer photos, music, sync your device with your computer and do other things with iTunes, but without regular migraine attacks. Because everything more convenient, smarter and better.

Download AnyTrans from the website of the developers via this link.

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