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AnyTrans – do the backup correctly

All known iTunes has such a slim number of drawbacks that to list them over the page in a text editor. But the basic all know that low speed, a specific interface and the pillar of the error that consistently POPs up, only cost to run the program. But that being said, not everything – all treatments iTunes with iPhone and iPad bring only headache. Want to make a backup? Okay, let’s think about how to make your life difficult – for example, pretend you have an older version of iOS, and hard disk space does not. To forget iTunes as a nightmare, use AnyTrans – the program works with all i-devices.

Thus, we begin with the usual – connect your smartphone to the computer, run the program. AnyTrans analyzes the device type, then lights up a large menu – something in the spirit of the same iTunes but much more convenient. Here you can easily do a variety of things: for example, backup, find out how much memory is left in the device (and on the left, the leader, of course, the folder “Other”) and so on. Unlike the “official” method is simple – iTunes is to do everything harder, slower and with nerves; in addition, AnyTrans is able to reserve even with smartphones “tuna” simply does not see.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg – let’s look that there under the water. It is no secret that the iPhone just does not extract: to transfer ordinary photos, you need to seriously try or learn to deal with cloud technology. AnyTrans solves this problem – you can, for example, to copy data from the device, transferring them to a computer. Photos, music, videos, notes, contacts, almost anything – your iPhone is now not a closed casemate, and welcoming open living room.

This is done very simply: choose, for example, a folder with photos, click on a few buttons – all can now browse them from your PC. With music even more interesting – composition is impressive in terms of megabytes, so don’t be afraid to Paraty track – the quality is on the level.

In the end, AnyTrans is almost entirely replace iTunes, at least in household use. Again, if you frequently connect your phone to a PC to get anything to import and export, the program you simply need it via the official service to do this is either impossible or a chore. From conventional copying, say, the contacts list to full “clone” device, AnyTrans takes it all with ease and even some grace.

So the result is this: if you are tired of iTunes or need a normal mediator between smartphone and computer, which will allow without problems to exchange files – AnyTrans is an excellent choice. The program exists for Macs and normal PCs running Windows. The price of the program is acceptable, in addition, there are a variety of pricing options that will help you save money – choose something that is closer to the desired functionality and budget.

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