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“Any beautiful picture needs to be controlled”, Moscow wants to prohibit the free use of drones

The Moscow city Duma is drafting legislation to ban the use of drones over Moscow. This was reported to journalists by the head of the security Commission of the Moscow city Duma ina svatenko.

“We now start to work on the legal framework is a completely new niche, a completely new field of activity. Here you need to consider to restrict the use of aircraft,” said svatenko, which quotes “Interfax”. According to her, in particular, it concerns the use of drones for photo and video.

“If we talk about a beautiful picture, any beautiful picture must be controlled by the authorities responsible for air safety throughout our city. If, in addition to journalists, others use this space in an uncontrolled manner, there is a danger of accidents, especially today voiced concerns on the part of the MOE, which use aircraft over Moscow”, – said svatenko.

She stressed that the unsupervised use of drones without the application for the route carries risks for the security of the city.

“There may be certain risks that have not yet occurred, but, realizing that an increasing number of unmanned air vehicles over Moscow, should be certain rules. As with cars – when were the first cars that had no rules, no traffic lights,” she explained.

Recall that the drones have already attended and the state Duma. On 10 June, the deputies adopted in the first reading the bill allowing not to certify and register drones weighing less than 30 pounds. In addition, parliamentarians approved the document envisages a number of amendments to the Air code of the Russian Federation, and also puts into legislation the concept of “unmanned aircraft”, “unmanned aircraft system” and “outside crew”. In addition, drones introduces an exception that allows not to keep on Board all the necessary documents and register them in electronic form.

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In November 2014 became widely known story of the picture of the Moscow Kremlin from the air. The photo was posted on the photo sharing site Imgur, got viral and was removed just a day by the photographer-the new Zealander, who in the comments hinted that “Vladimir Putin and the security services may not like that they are removed from the top”.

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