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Another smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 has exploded in China [photos]

A few days ago we wrote about the case of ignition of the Samsung Galaxy S7, which almost led to an accident. Once the news exploded on the South Korean flagship came from China. The device detonated outside students North China University of water resources and hydropower.

The incident occurred in the early morning, while she slept, and the device itself was lying on the bed next to her. Samsung Galaxy S7 was bought last fall was whether the gadget at the time of ignition of the charge is unknown.

The explosion occurred in the female hostel. According to a neighbor of the injured girl, the source of the fire was probably the battery, as the rear panel Galaxy S7 is badly damaged and charred.

Service center has been informed about the incident, Samsung is now working on identifying the cause of the explosion.

Also recently learned about the spontaneous combustion of Samsung Galaxy S8, which was on charge in the holder for cups, while his owner drove the car and listened to music via Bluetooth.

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