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Another Samsung smartphone exploded while charging [photos]

This year, Samsung appears frequently in the accident reports. And the reason for the popularity, alas, not positive. In a comment on Reddit posted pictures of another blown-up smartphone of the South Korean company.

Spontaneous combustion of smartphones is one of the most popular topics lately. And if before not every case in the Network was paying attention, after a disastrous review Galaxy Note 7 any new case is not bypassed.

This time we are talking about a device with a curved display Galaxy S6 edge Plus. The phone exploded in the night, being connected to a power source.

The machine belonged to the user under the name ReturnThroughAether. According to him, he found the gadget is burnt in the morning. It is good that the smartphone was on the table, not on the bed or the couch.

Galaxy S6 edge Plus was introduced in August 2015. For all the time since the start of the issue he rarely appeared in the reports about any anomalies or incidents. Smartphone owner was claiming to have used only the original charger.

Samsung said that the security of our customers above all and added that it will carefully examine the incident.

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