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Another reason to upgrade to iOS 9

The head of the Australian company Azimuth Security mark Dowd told about dangerous vulnerabilities in the file sharing AirDrop in iOS and OS X, Securitylab reports. The gap, which is present in iOS 8.4.1, allows the attacker is invisible to the victim to install on the target device malware and change the settings of the operating system so that the exploit will work even if the user rejects the incoming file.

To perform the attack the attacker must be within range of AirDrop, i.e., relatively close to the victim. The possible operation of the gaps by sending a file via AirDrop, with the participation of the owner of the affected device is not required.

Through the so-called attack, bypass directories, Dowd changed the configuration files so that iOS took any software signed BY an enterprise certificate. To do this, the researcher first installed the provisioning profile for your app. Dowd changed the tool to control your home screen Springboard, causing the device “think” that his company is trusted, and then copied the malware file in the directory with third-party applications.

To top it all off, using the Springboard expert replaced the app to call Phone its malicious program. After rebooting the device the attack was successfully completed.

The vulnerability affects all versions of iOS starting with iOS 7 and below, and OS X, starting with Yosemite and below. Released on Wednesday, September 16, iOS 9 fixes this security loophole, so the users of iPhone and iPad is highly recommended to install the updates. As for Mac, the vulnerability is fixed at the El Capitan 10.11.

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