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Another reason to buy red iPhone 7

Last week Apple released a new red iPhone 7, differing from its predecessors only by its color. Any other advantages of the novelty are not, and this caused a lot of controversy. Formed two camps — some have already thrown your “old” iPhone 7 for the red model, while others accuse Apple of lack of innovation. Reviewers Lenta sure to purchase red iPhone 7 there’s a good reason. What? On this later in the article.

New iPhone 7 was presented in the framework of the charitable campaign (RED). The iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition in red color is available only in versions with 128 and 256 GB of memory. Apple in this version: red company painted only iPods, cases and other accessories.

At the same time, except public watchstraps and Beats headphones, in support of the campaign was produced and individual products to go under the hammer. One of them is bright red Mac Pro, the one in the shape of a bucket. In 2013, the glossy computer was sold at auction for $977 000, although it is expected that the price will be a maximum of $60 000. At the same time for $461 000 sold EarPods with gold case.

Obviously, rare Apple gadgets are buying not only for the sake of nostalgia. Their prices literally every day increase, especially if implemented by the device is never started and is in its original packaging. Thus, the first iPhone 2G, which was released 10 years ago, offered $5 000 and $20 000.

But standard Apple devices, though not very old by the standards of the collectors on gold. The more that the company behind it is already a long history of left a lot of really limited devices. For example, the product of the collaboration of Apple and HP, the iPod+HP in factory package cost $27 000. The same exclusive can be attributed to the above mentioned black-and-red iPod.

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One of the major rarities — the first personal computer the Apple I. because Of the high prices and problems with serial release only sold about 175 computers. Up to our days survived no more than 60 copies. In 2012, one was sold for $374 000 $ 2013-$671 000, and in 2014 — for $905 000. It is likely that the auction, which will take place in may 2017, the price of the Apple I’s in working condition will exceed one million dollars. Why would anyone need this chipset is unclear. The only thing he can do is beautiful to stand behind the glass in an exhibit.

Collectors all over the world brag to each other unique options Apple TAM, Mac mini G4, PowerBook, Newton a failure and a variety of other devices, unknown to the General public. There are also simply pieces of metal without any “innards”, created only for demonstration of design when designing a device.

At one time under the Apple brand released, even the clothes. Two years later after the release of the Macintosh 128K catalog was published the Apple Collection 1986, almost completely dedicated to clothes, stationery, household items and other things, is in no way associated with the Corporation from Cupertino. In this directory you can find the jerseys with a huge rainbow labels and company logos, mugs, towels, umbrellas, bags, pocket knives, watches and branded chairs.

The gift list Apple has expanded from cufflinks, quartz watches and many other knick-knacks. Now all this is very valuable rarities, part of the history of the legendary company.

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On assurances of representatives of the Corporation, buying the iPhone 7 in the red version, users contribute to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. This should help one step to bring the world closer to a generation free from dangerous diseases. But everybody understands: red iPhone 7 flying off the shelves, a few tens of years to re-sell at auction, as is now the case with other similar products of the company.

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