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Another iPhone 7 exploded while charging

A series of stories about exploding gadgets are unlikely to run out in the foreseeable future. But this time it is not about the device Samsung, and the iPhone 7. Chinese media reported a new case of explosion the Apple flagship, which, according to a local resident exploded into two halves and nearly caused her injuries.

In the media there were photos, which the main character was a girl, claiming that she blew the iPhone 7. As writes British The Sun, a resident of the city of Suzan in Jiangsu province, said she decided to charge the battery of the smartphone and connected it to a power source. After several minutes, the gadget suddenly exploded, actually break in this part.

As evidence of the victim shows the wreckage of the iPhone 7 in matte black color. Unlike explosions, Galaxy Note 7, accompanied by profuse smoke, the Apple phone had detonated more neatly, appreciated the Chinese journalists the advantage of “Apple” device.

iPhone 7 was purchased 4 months ago. The Chinese division of Apple confirmed that the device is original, reporting the incident to the headquarters of the company. Although it is unknown how the adapter is used to charge the device.

It should be noted that it is not the first known case of spontaneous combustion iPhone 7 in China. In November last year the flagship Apple exploded from the Chinese in his hands when he shot the video on a smartphone. Then the device caused injury to the owner.

Earlier media reported explosions iPhone 6 Plus in the United States. The publication quotes one of the owners of the gadget Yvette Estrada: “I heard the hiss, then the sound of an explosion, and then my husband saw an open fire appeared in the center of the screen of the smartphone. The husband was able to throw it into the water, after which the device went out”. Along with the smartphone burned two hours Apple Watch.

In another case, the iPhone 6 Plus has exploded in the pants pocket of a student sitting at the lecture in the classroom. The student claimed that the gadget was not included with the discharged battery.

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