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Announced the winners of the best movies shot on the iPhone [video]

“I always take a video camera,” reads the Intro of a popular TV show. Now these words are true, one hundred percent. The camera in the mobile phone is always with us.

With the release of the iPhone film industry has undergone major changes, as mobile video to its popularity now can replace a usual camcorder. The phones were off before, but the leap forward was made through the communicators Apple that allows you to record videos in high quality. The advent of the festival of films created using Apple gadgets, it was only a matter of time.

In 2011, Corey Rogers and Matt Gesner created the iPhone Film Festival. Anyone can send a video shot on an iOS device and send to the festival. The competition is open only tape, captured on the camera of your iPhone. At the same time allowed the installation and handling of the material by any means. The winners are chosen in five categories: movies, music videos, film, documentary and animation.

Today the organizers of the iPhone Film Festival summed up the annual competition. Among the dozens of works were selected in the top five in each category:

  • Movie: “Uneasy Lies the Mind”
  • Music video: “Fly Away”
  • Cinematography: “iPhone 6 Budapest”
  • Documentary film: “Martinu”s Muse”
  • Animation: “The day of The bleeding gums”

Video of all the contenders can be viewed on the event website.

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