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Announced release date for game Syberia 3 [video]

The long-awaited fans of quests adventure game Syberia is preparing to acquire the third part. The second series debuted in 2004, and the third was announced almost five years ago. And the developers of the Studio Microids called the final release date. In Europe Syberia 3 will be released on April 20 and in the US on April 25.

“After many years of waiting we have released the official trailer on the new adventure Kate Walker, — said the developers. — They learn more about their companions and the obstacles that will be faced on the way.”

Events in the third part of Syberia takes place from the point at which ended the previous one — a young lawyer from new York, Kate Walker is on the trail of mammoths, leading to a world where reality mingles with the dream world. One of the tribes Jukola, wandering through the tundra, found the girl and helped her survive.

Forced to flee from their common enemies, Kate decides to help the nomads to carry their strange ancient tradition: to accompany stage snow ostriches to the Holy foot, where they can multiply.

In the creation of Syberia 3 takes part in the artistic Director series, Benoit Sokal. The game world still will be more like a steampunk – magic and mysticism are closely intertwined with technology and scientific progress.

In addition to the operating systems iOS and Android the game is developed for PC, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4. Syberia 3 will be fully translated into Russian language, and its distribution deals with the company “Buka”.

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