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Announced for iOS Cydia Impactor 9 – tool for recovering iPhone and iPad with jailbreak without upgrading OS

To us it has happened at least once: have an iPhone or iPad jailbroken on OS, the last to be compatible with the jailbreak. And we need to restore it to initial state. What will happen as a result? In most cases, the gadget will be updated to the latest version of the operating system without the jailbreak exploit.

Comes to the aid of the Cydia Impactor. This development the Creator of the jailbreak store Cydia Jay “Saurik” Freeman allows you to “reset” the device to jailbreak’ers firmware that is currently installed on the device. Soon will be released version of the app compatible with iOS 9.

“Meanwhile, all the last days I worked on supporting Eraser function in Cydia Impactor to iOS 9. Pangu is doing something more complex and just make the cancel will not work. In addition, Apple has made some changes to the format of OTA”, wrote Saurik.

After the release of the new version of Cydia Impactor application can be used with iOS 9. For example, if the device has iOS 9.0.2, then updated Cydia Impactor will return you to the same 9.0.2, pre-clearing the device of all the excess. This will not be a full reset, as in the latter case you are forced to update to the latest firmware. This will reset extra that might be needed if the device has become slow, or have any other such problems.

Note that Cydia Impactor only “reset” your device, saving the currently installed firmware version. The tweak does not require any SHSH-APTicket signatures or hashes. According to the developer, ideal to remove all unnecessary gadget, allowing at any moment to repeat the procedure jailbreak.

Recall that Apple has blocked the Pangu jailbreak in iOS update 9.1, which debuted on Wednesday. The company has eliminated the vulnerabilities that were used by hackers to create a jailbreak exploit Pangu9.

The timing of exit Cydia Impactor for iOS 9 information yet. The tweak will be available in the main repository Cydia.

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