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Announced 4 Springtomize – a jailbreak tweak “all-in-one” for iOS 10

Most users of jailbroken devices, a plurality of different add-ons that change the interface, only one detail. The change is noticeable only to the owner of the mobile device, but each time it certainly is pleasing to him. The jailbreak tweak Springtomize still in the first version combines a lot of tweaks and now announced the fourth version of the software compatible with iPhone and iPad running iOS 10.

Developer Filippo of Bigarella in the microblog has informed readers about the upcoming release of Springtomize 4. An unofficial app is almost ready to release, the release will take place in the next few days. It is expected that the new Springtomize will not be an ordinary upgrade from a previous version, and the quality update with many new features and settings.

Springtomize is unique in its kind superstructure: tweak combines the functions of several dozen other jailbreak-ons, allowing you to enable or disable any of these “one-click”. The device settings contain more than a dozen items that allow you to control any action of the tweak: “multi-Tasking”, “Home screen”, “Animation”, “Doc”, “control”, “lock Screen”, “Folder”, “Icons”, “Status bar” and others.

Countless number of options to configure the interface, icons, folders, dock line with the clock, lock screen, multitasking bar, and even animation mobile “OSes” Apple offers Springtomize.

Despite the tiny size, Springtomize allows to enable and disable Spotlight, day, flash screen, shadows, icons badges, any of the icons on the status bar; change the maximum number of apps in the app-switcher, folders, and home screen, to speed up or slow down the animations in iOS, and much more.

Springtomize 3 is one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks in Cydia. According to the developer, the number of units exceeds half a million. Of course, you may not believe this figure, but what Springtomize is really useful and functional add-on, you can’t deny. So what are waiting for release of the update. Buy Springtomize 4, it will be possible for $2.99 in the standard repository BigBoss.

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