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Angry Birds HD – birds back in action!

Perhaps the most famous mobile series, is now experiencing not the best times. Grand hits not long ago, those that were – erased from the memory, and from the walls of the Finnish wizards are all medium projects. The birds can be treated in different ways, but one thing we must recognize – this is the series that brought mobile gaming to where it is now. So the new Angry Birds: Evolution we were given chances up front. As it turned out, the game is not needed – this is a very good project with unexpected mechanics.

The situation here is still the same. Brazen and nasty pig did something and the birds were forced to go to war. Significantly different the visuals of the main characters – if pigs are more similar to themselves, the classic “Red” and “Yellow” guys you will not see. The birds are other, more realistic, and even some three-dimensional, or something. They are not afraid to joke on the topic of pop culture: one of the birds dressed in the style of Judge Dredd, the second resembles a football player, and the third quoted the song “Virus” (here, of course, I bow to the localizers). In these small, but pretty damn hilarious picks in new ways reveals the essence of Angry Birds – the game has always been humorous, but not in the textual sense.

Battles here are a bit in an unexpected manner – in a nutshell, and not tell. Imagine a table for pinball: top view, bottom ball, top of all sorts of gizmos. Here’s something similar, but not quite – you pull the bird, launch it in the field, she, flying from wall to wall, knocks everything in its path. The more destruction will bring a feathered projectile, the better. But this is only during your turn is followed by retaliation from swine (in all senses) dug. Turns out the hybrid of pinball and strategy; under this view, we are on the Angry Birds haven’t watched it, isn’t it?

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In addition, each bird has its own superpower – and it can be great to change the combat situation. For example, most birds arriving on the field with the effect of secondary bombs: blast a wide radius, all the lights, strip the pig’s life to zero. Someone can “pierce” enemies, which is helpful when live birds were not so much. And, of course, all sorts of bonuses, where the same without them.

Between battles you are invited to engage almost farming: for example, to grow eggs. Hatch out the future members of your antiswine group – birds with new abilities and skills. Each soldier has his own record fighting skills, he added. Be careful – if the figure is below the opponent, then the green will show you so that will not be good. So management has not been canceled, even if you the length and breadth traveled pinball for Windows XP.

Well, or donut, we are all adults and we understand that in games of this level (and from this developer) “free” is in quotes is imaginary. However, here, Rovio has prepared a little surprise – you can take out a premium subscription and get cool stuff. However, the subscription costs a fortune.

But until powerful “dolovo” – play Angry Birds: Evolution is pretty damn fun. Birds scurry here and there, pigs erecting defensive redoubts, soldiers funny joke at half-time. Probably from Evolution, nothing will come out of the break (as any other game with the name “Evolution”), but it’s definitely a good project once in a thundering series.

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