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Angry Birds Fight! published in Russian App Store

In the Russian App Store release of a new game project in the universe of Angry Birds – Angry Birds Fight! It is about the dynamic of the game genre, “three in a row” with familiar characters.

Gameplay Angry Birds Fight! much like Need a Hero. The mobile device screen is divided into two parts. The top contenders (your bird and opponent-pig). In the main part of the screen is the playing field 7 x 7 cells. In it and then have 30 seconds to collect as many “chips”. More than collect a gamer, the stronger the attack. According to the results of the game session is battle of heroes. If the player played well – his character wins.

“Be ready to battle in Angry Birds Fight! — chaos in the style of “three in a row”, where you have to fight with other players in a tense strategic battle in real time! Join beloved flock and go in full addictive birds puzzle adventure!”.

The user can “pump” the bird. You can purchase a variety of things that affect how the appearance and combat characteristics. A gamer can play the game in single player mode or PvP mode.

Angry Birds Fight! designed with an eye on the Asian market, including shows limited launch of the project (first game appeared in the Taiwan App Store). Anyway, the game looks very interesting.

Download Angry Birds Fight! for iPhone and iPad at this link. With his new project, the Finnish company hopes to repeat the success of the original series.

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