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Angry Birds 2 has become the most popular mobile game in history

On 30 July on iOS and Android released the sequel of the popular puzzle game Angry Birds. Despite the large number of branches, it is considered a true sequel to the original version presented in 2009.

As the first part of the game, Angry Birds 2 is free, although there is paid content. Considering this fact along with the high popularity of the original Angry birds it was easy to assume that the sequel also will be successful, and the message in the official Twitter of the Finnish company Rovio Entertainment has confirmed this theory. As written by the developers, only a week since the appearance of new items in the App Store and Google Play, it downloaded over 20 million times.

The game topped the charts in the App Store for iPhone and iPad and became the most downloaded game on both iOS and Android. According to company representatives, the first part of the series has hit 20 million downloads only nine months after the release.

Just a week Angry Birds 2 became the most downloaded game for the iOS and Android platforms. During this time, users had 1.4 billion of time to shoot a slingshot at the pigs fortifications and more than 300 million times tried to pass different levels Angry Birds 2.

Despite the huge popularity of Angry Birds 2, users continue to complain about Intrusive attempts of the game to pull money from gamers. The biggest criticism is the limited number of lives, after the exhaustion of the users have to wait for their recovery or to pay a certain amount for an extra life.

At the moment a series of games Angry Birds includes in addition to the classic games birds racing and card games, as well as a spin-off about the adventures of the pigs Bad Piggies, in which it is necessary to design the vehicle.

Unfortunately for fans of the game who have smartphones running Windows Phone on this platform Angry Birds 2 will not work, as the representatives of Rovio honestly warned even before the release.

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