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Angry American was shot from a gun iPhone useless children [video]

On YouTube you can find a lot of videos, which fans of the weapon-shoot of the popular Apple gadgets. This is most commonly done for fun, for the needs of Internet audience. An angry resident of the American South has twice shot from a gun iPhone 5c one of his children, as a protest against social networking.

American has placed the iPhone on a stump, gave a speech and famously fired in the shotgun gadget. “I protest against the negative impact of social media on my children, their disobedience and disrespect,” proclaimed the woman, and just in case shot in bits and pieces of the phone again. After that, the woman picked up a sledgehammer and knocked the remains of the iPhone.

“My children’s lives is more important than any electronics.” said the southerner. So she protested against the influence of the Internet on children and tried to discipline his sons and daughter.

It is unclear from the video what exactly the woman was angry iPhone. She only said that will not allow the children to communicate with people they don’t know and will do anything to keep them out of trouble at school.

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