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Android users have another reason to switch to iPhone [video]

Augmented reality (AR) for a long time excites the minds of futurists, analysts and other knowledge workers. Despite the fact that AR have a great future, all the early attempts of its implementation are frankly disappointing. To change the trend turned from Apple: the iPhone maker failed in a matter of days to prove that augmented reality is not only fun but also useful.

Thanks to the competent handling of large amounts of information about the environment, Apple has achieved accuracy comparable to the Tango devices. That is, without a complex system of sensors and sensors and conventional cameras. As a result, every day there are more exciting examples to demonstrate the capabilities of the platform. It should be added also that they realize their projects in beta ARKit and to release it could become even more accurate.

This time we witnessed another practical implementation of the technology. In the framework of the project Dance Reality developers announced the app that makes it easy to learn to dance using augmented reality Apple. The program shows the display of smartphone animated traces that show the sequence of steps in different dances. According to the developers, the Dance Reality could easily replace the dance instructor’s directions.

Previously another project which impressed the user, was the virtual tape measure to measure the distance between two points in augmented reality.

With the release of the final version of iOS 11 for ARKit will be even more interesting and, most importantly, useful programs. In addition, developers will be able to improve the performance of existing applications like those that allow you to try on clothes. Moreover, already now large companies are working to implement augmented reality in its services.

Apple CEO Tim cook has repeatedly stated that augmented reality is the most promising technology. According to him, AR as a great idea, and so is the iPhone. Some of this draw conclusions about what the company is working on a replacement smartphone. Therefore, there is no doubt to believe that Apple will actively support its own platform. This is what often lacks other ambitious projects.

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