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Android users dream about iMessage, iBooks and GarageBand

At the end of last year, Apple started to gain market Android by releasing the mobile operating system Google music app Apple Music. However, according to CEO Tim cook, Apple Music for Android was just a kind of way of probing the soil for future production of the company’s products on the popular platform. Hinted at it cook during a private event for Apple’s employees.

This may include a number of iCloud services, including application calendar, email, notes, renovated less than a year ago photo library and so on. Another logical solution would be porting to Android messenger iMessage. This would allow to implement a more tight integration for users, who are the holders of Android-based smartphones, computers on OS X and tablets on iOS. As for the payment platform Apple Pay, it too would be worth to port to OS competitor, but the process from the point of view of security can be more complex.

For many the question arises: how many users on Android and what Apple apps you want to see the Apple services on their platform? The ability to sync photos on your Android device with the iCloud library can be useful, but it is worth considering that Apple is largely inferior to Google. It attempted to answer thematic resource Androidinsider, which is voted among readers. Users were asked which applications from Apple they want to see in Google Play.

Readers on mobile platform Google blog dream about the most popular applications Apple iMessage messenger, music editor, GarageBand, the “reader” iBooks. It was supported by 18%, 11% and 10% respectively. Least of all the owners of “phones” are interested in a professional tool for musicians Logic Remote (4%), office Suite iWork (4%) and Apple maps Maps (2%). Every tenth of the respondents said that Google Play does not place Apple products.

We have to wait for the annual conference for developers WWDC to find out which apps from the App Store will appear on the “enemy” platform.

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