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Android users are much more likely to remove previously installed applications than the iPhone and iPad

Debuted in September, iOS 10 brought the iPhone and iPad, an interesting opportunity — in addition to third-party apps from the App Store have the opportunity to remove a variety of preset programs. Given the closed nature of Apple’s platform, this is a very serious step towards the users. However, judging by the results of the study, AppsFlyer, iPhone and iPad are not in a hurry to use this opportunity.

Analysts have found that users of devices on iOS and Android behave differently with applications. In particular, they remove a different number of programs. Examining 20 million cases of removal of applications experts came to the conclusion that Android users remove the app much more than those of the iPhone and iPad.

In the study by AppsFlyer was attended by 500 apps in the period from September to October, 2016. On average, removed three of the 10 programs, but in Android’s case takes place two times better frequency of deletions. For example, 43% of the installed Android user games subsequently removed, whereas the owners of gadgets on iOS was removed, only 13% of games, keeping the rest on the device. If we are talking about software-related purchases, the value will be 21% and 9% in the same order.

According to analysts, this situation stems from the fact that the average iOS devices offer more memory than Android devices. Although statistics have long shown that the iPhone and iPad often buy with a minimum amount of memory.

Another conclusion of analysts is that American users almost never delete unwanted apps. Under such software refers to various programs that people are forced to set to receive some benefits. Usually they are then immediately removed, but residents of the United States, regardless of the operating system do it rarely.

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