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Android-Trojan deducted from the Bank card of a resident of Kamchatka 78 000

Large sums of money have been a resident of the Kamchatka region due to a virus in the smartphone with Android operating system. It is reported Kamchatinfo with reference to the statement of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

The police asked 39-year-old man who reported that his Bank card was gone 78 000 rubles. The applicant uses an Android phone. He learned about the embezzlement of funds from SMS to transfer money to the account unknown Bank card. Currently, the police on the given fact inspects.

“Often, these thefts occur through the fault of the victims themselves, who neglect rules of safety when using the Internet on your phone, installing games and apps from untrusted sources and visiting information resources with questionable content”, – noted in UMVD.

The police recommend that owners of Android devices to install antivirus, disable automatic download of MMS, as well as need not to use Bluetooth. Holders “guglofonov” it is not recommended to click on links in SMS from unknown people. You can’t download apps from untrusted sources: apps on Android can get full access to the smartphone, including to a “Mobile Bank”.

According to Symantec, during 2015 the number of infections of Android devices with viruses increased by 40%. During this period, the company recorded a total of 13 783 precedent of infecting Android devices with malware, focused on the popular mobile platform. According to estimates, last year Google operating system became the target of 97% of all viruses in the world.

For comparison, over the same period, iOS was discovered only 9 successful cases of infection iPhone and iPad. According to security experts, every year the number of malicious software for Android will only increase. In addition, will increase the range of “malware” and Google will not be able to significantly influence this process.

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