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Android O iOS can deprive the main benefit

Android 7.0 Nougat is only now beginning to gain market share, as this update were not all smartphones and tablets. According to official statistics, currently on the new OS from Google has moved 7.1% of devices, while as iOS 10 has about 80% of compatible devices. Fragmentation – the main drawback of the software platform Google. In the company know about it, so the new Android O is designed to solve the problem of the slow process of updating devices to newer OS versions.

Many Android manufacturers releasing new smartphones, but not in a hurry to upgrade to them, and about support for some gadgets and even forget after a year or two with the start of sales. As it became known, Google is obsessed with problem solving, where the majority of Android users do not receive updates. The project received the code name for the Treble, and its purpose is to separate the user part of the Android software that is developed by manufacturers.

The scope of Android to manufacturers called the Vendor Interface. For the integration of the companies will have to undergo validation in a special set of tools — Vendor Test Suite. In the course of validation must be established that the device will be able to receive future OS updates with the saving code that is reserved for the manufacturer.

At the moment, the update must go through many steps before it reaches end user devices. Project Treble process will be simplified because of the separation of “implementation vendor” (device-specific low-level SOFTWARE, mostly generated by the chip manufacturers) from the Android framework. As a result, the framework of Android can be updated independently associated with iron AT the low level.

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This decision will allow Google to quickly distribute the OS upgrade without affecting the original firmware of the device. It will remain the same, and the gadget will get the latest version of Android.

The modular structure of the operating system has already been implemented in a test version of Android on the Nexus and Pixel. In the future it will appear on all the devices that will initially work on the release build.

The mobile market is getting tight, so the task of keeping Android in “uniform” and the current status acquired for Google of paramount importance. Outdated version of the OS not only allows you to use the new features, apps and services on the Internet search, but also creates a serious security risk.

Current operating systems Android and iOS 7.0 Nougat 10 debuted almost at the same time last year. Improvements in both “axis” focused on the level of functionality, whereas the most significant changes in the design were encountered in previous releases – iOS 7 and Android 5.0 Lollipop.

The update of Android O is already at the stage of preliminary testing, iOS 11 will be announced in early June at WWDC 2017.

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