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Android O: everything you need to know the user about the new iOS Google

Now Android is the only operating system that can compete with iOS. This week Google presented the eighth edition of software Android O, which show all the latest achievements of the developers of the company. What’s new in Android 8.0, which OS functions would have cost to borrow the Apple and which – shamelessly copied from iOS further into the material.

Power saving function

For the second consecutive year Google releases early version of the new Android in March – three months before the official presentation of the iOS. In the publication of the official blog dedicated to the new OS, Google as the main innovations “under the hood” highlights a number of features designed to save battery of device. Engineers for example, Apple has introduced more stringent automatic restrictions for apps running in the background related to the work of the broadcasts, background services, and query location. Application developers will now have to revise their programs so that they can work normally in the background on the new OS.

“Channels” notification

In the new version of the Android application will be able to group send user notifications in different channels. The official description of the new features of Android O is quite vague, but one can assume that users will be able to more finely manage notifications, allowing and denying them not only at the level of individual applications, but also at the level of types of notifications within each app. For example, for online games, you can enable the notification messages from partners in the virtual battles, but to prohibit the advertisement about the availability of new in-app purchases. A news app will be able to group notifications on topics: politics, economy, sports, etc.

Channels notifications in Android O

In addition, developers will be able to set dies, notification random color. Google stress that this is only the case when notifications are for current tasks and the user is really important to notice them as soon as possible. While tapping on the icon hours, you can “mute” notifications for a certain time:

Notifications in Android O you can “mute” for some time

New settings

In Android O completely transformed the settings menu. It not only redrawn in a simple and informative black-and-white design, but also organized more logically. Settings now don’t go solid list, organized by category.

At the top of the list will show the proposed system setting items, which, according to the “opinion” of a smartphone can be useful to the user at this particular moment. Also implemented a more flexible configuration energosberegeniya — directly from the screen “Battery” is enabled the adaptive brightness of the screen and sets the period after which the device goes into deep power saving mode (“sleep”):

Lock screen, navigation bar

In Android O you can change the shortcuts for quick access to functions and launch applications from the lock screen, a feature long available in many third-party launchers. If desired, the labels can generally be turned off:

Appeared flexible settings for the navigation system buttons “Home”, “Back” and “Recent apps”. Now it is possible to add additional buttons such as “Clipboard” or switch the keyboard, to choose the distance between the buttons and shift button to the right or left for easier use on smartphones with large screens:

“Theme” interface

The new version of Android, the user can select a design theme, while the function only changes the appearance of the quick settings panel. The available two: “Pixel” (dark) and “Inverted” (light). It is not known whether this feature is enabled in the final release of the Android O, or the developers in the end will reject it: yet its implementation is very limited.

New Wallpaper

Google has prepared Android O new official Wallpapers. With each revision of the OS the company is gradually shifting to a more realistic image, mainly represented by satellite images of the Earth or photos from a bird’s flight. This time users are encouraged to look at our planet from space.

Enhanced Bluetooth and audio professionals

Samsung not support Apple’s intention to save smartphone users from wired headphones — Galaxy S8, judging by the leaks, remove the traditional audio Jack will not. However, Google is clearly preparing for the “wireless future”: O seriously improved Android support Bluetooth. In particular, at the system level supported by Sony developed codec, LDAC, allowing you to transfer standard connection three times more data per unit time. There are a selection of codecs which also includes a Qualcomm designed aptX and aptX-HD. The latter allows you to transfer Bluetooth 24-bit audio (standard for mp3, streaming services, YouTube, etc 16 bit).

In addition, Google plans to make available for developers in Android O Audio API that allows you to create professional applications for working with sound, requiring a minimum delay in playback. Perhaps this will reduce the lag of the Android ecosystem from iOS in terms of professional audio applications — previously this was almost impossible due to the characteristics of OSes with sound.

Icons for every taste

In Android O implemented flexible system control the shape of the app icons. So Google want to please the smartphone manufacturers, each with its own view of the perfect appearance of the icon: a square with rounded corners, a circle or “cushion”. Application developers for Android O will be able to draw “adaptive” icon, which then, depending on the selected manufacturer’s approach to design for a specific phone model, you will be able to take a different shape.

Other innovations

In Android O implemented Autofill API framework for applications that automatically fill in a pre-stored user information: name, address, and even passwords. In fact, Google has made it possible to unify the work password managers, which should theoretically improve the safety of using them on Android devices.

Mode “picture-in-picture” will appear in the Android O smartphones and tablets, allowing you to watch videos at the same time perepisyvat chatting or flipping through sites. In addition, developers received a new information display on top of the main screen of the app that replaces the system warnings, as well as the mode of output information on an additional screen (for example, connected via Miracast).

Extended color gamut for applications implemented in Android O that will allow the creators of graphic editors to introduce them in the support of such a regime for devices with appropriate, high-quality screens.

Wi-Fi Aware will allow supporting devices to find each other nearby and can communicate directly, bypassing the access point a La AirDrop. And thanks to the ConnectionService API application that supports audio calls (Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.) will display information about them on the lock screen or connected screens in exactly the same way as does the regular Phone app (Hello, CallKit in iOS 10).

Finally, mindful of the availability of Android applications on computers running Chrome OS, Google decided to implement in Android O support for keyboard shortcuts to control various functions of the applications.


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