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Android N: 10 things you need to know about the new Google

After a month Google will hold a conference I/O, which will be presented and the next version of Android. The sequence number of the mobile OS is 7.0, and the name is still unknown: N can be decoded as Nectar, Nougat or Nutella. In edition Zoom figured out what new features will be in fresh Android.

3D Touch

Formally, the pressure detection on the screen appeared even earlier in Android than in iOS: one week prior to the presentation of the iPhone 6s, the Chinese company Huawei has released its flagship S Mate with the feature Force Touch (ClearForce). However, the developers themselves could hardly understand how you can apply this idea in practice, so everything was limited to weighing fruit and the increase of photos.

Interestingly, other Android vendors did not support the trend: for example, Samsung and LG have left for high-end smartphones common screens (max — curved). But some exceptions are still there: Meizu recently showed a model Pro 6 with 5.2-inch display and 3D Press (same as that of Touch).

Now Google will add support for this technology in a stock version of Android. The name of the function — Launcher Shortcuts (apparently not to be repeated), and it has already been officially confirmed. It is known that the default option will be to work on the menu and standard applications, but third-party developers will be able to implement it in their software immediately after the release of Android N.

Virtual reality mode

This should be expected: VR mode appeared in the latest test build of Android N. to activate the feature, you need to go along this path: Settings — Application Settings (the icon at the top of the mechanism) — Special access — VR Helper Services.

In addition, Google has provided protection from the overheating of the chip in the virtual reality (very important, given the resource intensity of that regime).

Different priority alerts

Users of instant messengers have long suffered from the fact that all notifications have the same status, and in order not to miss something important, you want to see useless notifications.

Thanks Vulkan API the alerts will appear immediately six gradations of importance:

  • Blocked notifications — never seem;
  • The minimum significance POPs up at the end of the list without sound/vibration;
  • Low significance — POPs up anywhere on the list (in order queue), sound and vibration;
  • Moderate importance — added in a list in turn, has an audio signal;
  • High importance is marked in the list, has an audio signal;
  • Extra importance is place in the list is highlighted with a beep.

The quick answer

In addition to Android N improved notification system in iOS 9. Developers will be able to add to alert instant response without entering the app itself, as well as to group the same type of notice.

Full multiwindowing

Perhaps the most powerful innovation is an Android mode that allows you to resize Windows and move them around the screen, superimposing on each other. This program will run in the background (as in Windows).

It is reported that the multiwindowing fragile and needs significant improvement, but you can’t say: if Google makes it suitable for use, iOS will be left behind, because Apple multiconnect available only on tablets, and then only in an abridged version.

Improving the performance of weak smartphones

In Android N add API called JobScheduler — he will deliver the device with low signal or simply outdated processors from small braking when you activate Wi-Fi, switch to camera mode and other actions that occasionally slow down the device.

Google also promises that the JobScheduler will have a positive impact on the battery life — the battery will be consumed much more economical.

Mode “picture in picture”

In Android N debuted a new mode “picture in picture”. It can be while using the device to access in a corner of the video screen. The feature has been available on Apple devices with the release of iOS 9.

Night mode

It was assumed that changing the color temperature of the screen in iOS 10, but Apple was ahead of forecasts and added Night Shift in iOS 9.3. Night mode in Android N, judging by the test Assembly, will be fundamentally different from what was presented by Apple: the same yellowish tint and the same settings turn on (either manually or depending on time of day).

Enhanced management of incoming calls

Now in the standard version of Android can only accept the call, reject the call or mute the sound, and the N-version will be added in three ways:

  • Instant disappearance of the call from the log
  • Disable notifications for dropped call
  • The porting of the number into black list, then you will not be able to get through.

Most likely, list is not final, and to the release Google will add more features.

Medical records

Classic copy from iOS: Android will be the program where the owner can specify your data in case of force majeure. In Windows you need to insert the full name, address, date of birth, blood type, allergic contraindications, medical contraindications and other health characteristics.

Will the app be synced with the fitness bracelets and smart watches — is unknown.

Updated design

Artists Google partially redraw the interface: for example, will greatly change the notification center where the demand of the switches will be opened immediately, not by an additional swipe.

Also worth mentioning about the new interface settings: it will appear the cover on the right side of the screen there will be displayed the most important menu items. The main intrigue is: will the Google main menu with applications or put them on screens in iOS? While there is no answer, but the probability of final extinction of the menu is extremely small: based on the integration of 3D Touch, it will add new features, and it will be more useful than now.

Two probable innovations:

  • Support for smart stylus (like Galaxy Note)
  • Emoji with man with different skin colours (like Apple)


Google will show Android N in may, and it will be available only in the fall. Apparently, one of the first non-Nexus devices with the new system on Board will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. As to the Nexus line, until the list of devices that will support Android seventh is as follows: Nexus 5X, 6, 6P, 9, Nexus Player and tablet PC Pixel C.

Alas, the rate of distribution of the operating system as it implies that to enjoy the benefits N Android users can soon: as of early April, the share of last year’s Marshmallow is just 4.6%. The most popular version of Android — Lollipop (35,8%) and KitKat (33,4%) that were released in 2014 and 2013, respectively.

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