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Android just got a feature that many years on iOS

Users of Android-devices became available, than many years of using iPhone and iPad. Starting today, developers for Google Play can provide free access to applications or content by using promo codes.

Android developers can distribute no more than 500 promotional codes every three months. Even if the y didn’t make them in such quantity within the specified period, they may not add the remainder to this figure in the next three months. Developers decide how long will the promo code. The maximum period is one year from the beginning of the action.

According to Google, the developers who want to increase the sales of its application needs to use promo codes. According to the company, this is a great way to increase the number of downloads. They convince consumers of the benefits of the purchase.

The term “promo codes” is on iOS ever since the launch of the App Store and today is one of the key marketing tools for promotion applications.

When the user uses a promo code on iOS, it looks as if he bought the game or application. However, with the introduction of the gift character combinations people can’t put a rating in the App Store.

Developers get 200 codes for each published version of the application (first it was 50, later increased to 100). Promo codes for iOS are only valid within four weeks and not available for domestic purchases.

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