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Android iOS broke in the field of online shopping on Black Friday

With the proliferation of portable gadgets mobile shopping is becoming increasingly popular along with the usual visit to online shopping using your Mac or PC. While Apple and here is a leader. As shown by the “Black Friday”, buy an iPhone and iPad was 78.3% of all purchases on mobile devices, while using your Android device make purchases only 21.5% of users.

According to analysts, in the period Friday sales the online shopping half (51%) were made from mobile devices. To such conclusion employees of the research firm Custora E-Commerce Pulse. In their study they studied the transactions of 70 million consumers. According to the researchers, mobile devices are increasingly replacing PCs when it comes to online shopping. Five years ago 97% of all acquisitions online are implemented with computers. Today the situation is changing radically.

Most active in “Black Friday” turned out to be iPhone and iPad users. Although the share of iOS decreased slightly compared with last year. In 2014 the share of “Apple” gadgets had 79.9 percent, against 19.3 percent for Android-devices. According to analysts, the owners of iOS-devices spend more on the Internet. Data for this year is unknown, but in 2014 the average order volume with iPhone and iPad, was $118,6, and Android devices- about $96.

Analysts note that the share of mobile traffic smartphones are far ahead of tablets in Black Friday, although a greater number of purchases has been issued it with tablets than with smartphones.

The average number of minutes that users spend on retail sites also differs depending on the device used. With tablets, consumers went to the sites, on average, 3 min 16 sec. When visiting online shopping with a PC, they spent about 3 min 39 sec, and on smartphones was on the website of the shop about 2 min 13 sec.

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