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Android found 7.1 detection mode panic the user

The new version of Android found the unusual function of “detection Mode panic.” It is activated if the smartphone owner is behaving strangely. The function will help to get out of a malicious or hung applications.

Despite the fact that Google regularly releases security updates for Android, there is still the threat of malware for this platform. Some of them work in the background, the other is displayed on the screen. Many of these applications will display on the screen a variety of banners and this blocked the ability to close or minimize themselves. But, apparently, Google has found a simple solution to this problem.

Android 7.1 can detect when a person too many times in a short period of time, presses the Back button 4 times or more for 0.3 second. Such actions usually indicate that the user can exit the application. Most often, the output block malicious applications.

If the OS found that the owner of the gadget in a panic presses the Back button, it activates the new mode. After this, the main desktop. If necessary, you can remove the malware or run antivirus software.

Despite the fact that the mechanism itself looks effective, it is worth noting two important points. First, this feature is disabled by default. Second, while Android 7.1 is installed on less than 1% of Android devices. So access the new feature has not too many users.

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